No matter what bad happens never loose your attitude , there is a reason you have it.

You must be wondering if you change yourself may be you get a bit attention or may be the other person may like you or respect you a little more. But trust me you are doing injustice to your self. Everyone is made out of some purpose and that is why they have some specific characters or the way they behave will be different .So why do you think you should behave and live the way people want you to be? Have they ever changed them for you ? A thought to give some time I guess!

The way nature has made different fruits for different season and purpose same way each human is different and will show different behavior irrespective of education, ender or mental , social or financial status , or even the upbringing and the comforts one gets in life.

That is why one should never expect a certainty among us. Its a family member , friends or coworker or boss or an employee , they have the right to behave in what they are comfortable with.

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