Everything is perfect , still unhappy?

Today let's talk about some things which are not been addressed for a long time and going on with mostly all. Do you have the below-mentioned feelings:-??

  1. Being perfect and still not confident.

  2. Partner is loyal, but still, you are not happy.

  3. You are being protected and loved, still, you feel betrayed by all.

  4. Do you think God is the one only because of whom you survived?

  5. Having trust issues?

Well are you are thinking this is stress and anxiety you are very wrong, just don't take and random medicines thinking you are stressed. It's not what you have been told, it is just simply loneliness and the truth of life after a certain part of life has passed.

It is a good sign in fact when your soul is telling you to be happy with yourself if you cant be happy with yourself, no other person can be happy with you neither you can be happy with someone else, and this is the truth of life we never addressed. Happiness or laughter comes from within, no there person can stimulate it for you.

Consult me if you have these issues and I will let you know your path of being happy and will help you find yourself.

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