When will it Happen ? What will Happen? How will it happen?

We all think 24 hours even in sleep that when such things what we want will happen, what all we need to do to make it happen and is it really possible to make it happen?

I want to talk to everyone about a thought I had yesterday.

I was meditating and I realized that as the apple seed knows after sowing it will grow into an apple tree and will produce apples likewise our fate is decided when we are put in our mother womb or we can say before our mom decided the mother nature already decided what is the purpose of our life. And eventually, things will happen to us. When a seed is sown its journey to becoming apple is not easy, it faces the ground temperature and pressure then-radical comes out, the farmer waters it, they need to protect it from excessive sun, protect from insects and what all not it takes for us to see that apple.

The same way I believe this happens to us we already are in the process to become who we are but are not aware of, maybe just because we are young. So childhood and adulthood is not just a matter of age or time or experience, it's about the self-awareness of who you really are. I hope this answers two questions 1 .what will happen, 2. How will it happen?

Then I was about to think when will it happen and suddenly a thought came in mind that fruits come when the tree is ready not when the seeds are sown Yesterday I understood that why it gives immense pleasure to live in present and not in the past and future.

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